Construction of a Well in Kafubi, Namisindwa District

Water being collected from the spring, before the well was built
From Grass…
Water being collected after the Kafubi well was built
…To Grace

This project sought to improve health and wellbeing to over 500 people in Kafubi, Namisindwa district, through increasing access to clean, safe drinking water.

Using grant funding from You Tube donors on our channel, GAF Eye Health Foundation built a spring to provide good clean water for the community.

Community members are reporting that since the well was built, water collection times have reduced from 3-4 hours to 10-15 minutes. This remarkable difference is life changing to women and children in the community, who now have more time to attend school and engage in other activities other than travelling long distances for water.

A fruit tree being planted beside the new well.

A management committee (4 female, 4 male) was established and trained in management and maintenance of the water source. The committee has a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and two advisors. Two plumbers are also part of the team as technicians and were trained on-site during every step of the construction process.








A tree being planted beside the new well
Tree planting at the spring
Ambrose receiving a chicken
I received from the community a chicken and bananas as a gift after commissioning the well
Locals holdings signs with the message "Gloucoma is real, check your eyes today"
Community eye health education at the well
A community leader making a speech near the well
Speeches from the community leaders
Two people collecting water from the newly constructed well
Community members fetching water