Story of Masibo Deborah

Masibo Deborah before and after
Courtesy of Masibo Deborah and her daughter Lukoye Recheal

Madam Masibo Deborah is an 80 year old female widow who lost her husband 13 years ago.

She has been completely blind both eyes for 4 years now, she has been entirely depending on a walking stick with an attendant closely for her to move from one place to another.

Without a caretaker she has been sleeping or staying indoors yet most grandchildren stay at their homes and at school.

Through our eye care services for the underserved communities we came across her and we performed a comprehensive eye examination. We diagnosed bilateral mature cataracts which had robbed her vision.

We sponsored her cataract surgery which completely restored her sight. This interventions brought joy and happiness to her family and neighbours and resumed her activities and threw away the walking stick.