Story of Olupot Roman

Opulot Roman, before and after
Courtesy of Olupot Roman

Olupot Roman is a 17 year old boy who was battling with swelling in the left eye for 2 years. The swelling was increasing in size and suggestive of an orbital tumour.

We met him during our home eye care delivery in the villages of Uganda, Africa. He is staying with his mother Nasike Sarah in the rentals who divorced with Olupot’s father over 5years ago due to unavoidable circumstances. She is at the same time caring for more 7 children in the same place as a single parent.

We were helped by EYE HEALTH AFRICA and BUWANGA WAY TO HEALTH FOUNDATION, who supported in both Brain CT-scan and orbital surgery, which has saved both sight and life of the young star.

All kinds of support towards this family has really restored happiness, joy and hope in the future of Olupot Roman.